Best Peelers For Citruses

Nothing is better than savoring the fresh orange’s juicy flesh. Oranges are not only delicious, but also rich in Vitamin C, making them the perfect fruit to help you fight flu season.

The problem is that good stuff can be hidden behind hard skin. You will be able to see how difficult it can be to peel oranges if you are a frequent user of the orange.

You might find yourself peeling more oranges if your children are like mine.

This is where BlacktailNYC Citrus Peelers are useful. A citrus peeler, which is basically a tool that removes the skin from citrus fruits such as oranges and mandarins, is what you need.

Citrus peelers are a great way to make your life easier. Take a look at how simple it is to demonstrate our favorite orange peeler by Tupperware.

How to peel an Orange with a Citrus Peeler

1. Grab your peeler. Regardless of whether you’re using a plastic or metal peeler, you will need to locate the part you’re looking for with a sharp hook.

2. Pierce the skin – Place the hook of your peeler in the skin of your orange (or any other citrus fruit).

3. Take a slice. Slice the orange from top-to-bottom. When peeling orange skin that is more difficult to remove, you may need pressure.

4. Continue – Repeat this process for each quarter of the orange. You should now have four slices on the peel of your orange.

5. Start peeling – Simply slide your fingers between each slice of skin and pull it away one quarter at a. Many peelers come with a thin section that can be slipped under the skin of the orange. We found it easier to use our hands.

6. Enjoy! All that’s left is to eat it.

We tried our citrus peelers with more oranges than we could count.

However, not all citrus peelers work the same. We gathered the best citrus peelers available and began testing them.

You can see that the different sizes and shapes of orange peelers tested by us come in a variety of sizes. Although they all perform the same task, peeling oranges, each one does it in a different way.

Let’s begin with our top orange peelers.

Comparison Chart

These orange are small hooks that you can hold in your hands. These orange are small hooks that don’t take up much space in storage, and they were the best way to peel an orange.

These were our two favourite citrus peelers, and one of them won the award for best orange peeler.

Tupperware – The Best All-round Citrus Peeler

Tupperware’s stick-peeler was simple and sturdy when it came to peeling oranges. It is sturdy, washable well, and very effective. This design is timeless, and Tupperware consultants gave them out to people who attended Tupperware parties in the 70’s.

The Tupperware peeler was able to score the skin regardless of thickness. It did not damage the flesh underneath, which could have caused a messy mess. The peeler was impressive on grapefruits as well as oranges.

You will get ten packs of these and you’ll have more than you can ever use in one lifetime. You can give the spares to your orange-loving friends as gifts. They do ship in random colors, so be aware.

Alessi Apostrophe – Best Looking Citrus Peeler

Alessi is known for its beautiful kitchen products, and the orange peeler is no exception. This peeler is functional and beautiful. It can be displayed on your counter as a piece of art.

The Alessi Peeler was held between your thumb and forefinger. It easily scored the skins of grapefruits and oranges, making it easy to remove. After use, you can simply run the peeler under warm running water.

Only problem is that the Alessi orange peeler is very expensive and the most expensive we tested. If you love well-designed kitchen products, you won’t be disappointed.

Stick Citrus Peeler Runner-Ups

Comparison Chart

Progressive Citrus Peeler GT-3333 – This is essentially a modern Tupperware orange peeler. It is not up to the same standard. It was much more difficult to score oranges using the plastic blade than our top pick. The knife’s end was too wobbly to lift tougher orange skins. It is also prohibitively expensive for a single citrus peeler.

Pampered chef Citrus Peeler- Similar to the Progressive Citrus Peeler, but at a lower price.

WingKnife orange peeler – The serrated edges on the WingKnife didn’t work nearly as well as the hook-style found on other plastic peelers. It took trial and error to find the right angle and pressure needed to create the perfect slice. It may work, but it is not practical.

Bird Citrus Peeler is a popular Japanese citrus peeler with a cute bird design. The bird’s beak scores the rind, while the tail can be used for removing it from the flesh. You can remove the wing and use it as a second citrus peeler. The wing started to fall out after we placed it in storage.

Large-handled Citrus Peelers

The citrus peelers are the same as the stick-styled ones above, but they have a larger handle that makes them easier to hold. It is up to you whether or not you prefer a larger hand.

One test subject with arthritis said that the bigger handle made it easier to peel, while others weren’t impressed. These peelers are easier to locate in your kitchen tool drawer because of their larger size. However, they take up more space.

Chef’N ZeelPeel is the Best Large Handled Citrus Peeler

The Chef’N Zeel peel is both kid- and adult-friendly. It allows you to cut the skin of an orange easily, as well as peel it.

Use the point to cut the orange’s rind into quarters. Once you’re done, insert the base of your head into the gap. Pull down to remove the entire orange skin without it being torn. Also works with mangoes!

Large Handled Citrus Peeler Runner-up

These stainless steel citrus peelers failed in one way or the other.

OxoGood Grips Citrus Peeler – We love the Oxo citrus peeler’s curved handle, but the blade bit digs too deeply into the skin. We kept cutting the flesh of citrus fruits, which made for a messy mess. To cut only the pith and rind while keeping the flesh intact, it is important to use a delicate touch. We expect the steel blade will outlast plastic peelers. It can also be sharpened with an electric file if it starts to wear.

Ring Citrus Peelers

Grab a ring-pepper and slide it over your finger. Then, move your hand across the orange to remove it. It sounds simple, right?

Ring peelers are not the most effective in removing orange skin. Problem is the length of the spike that was used to puncture the orange’s skin. It is too short.

This makes it difficult to remove thicker skin from larger oranges. The spike isn’t long enough for the orange’s skin and pith.

Also, testers found that a ring was more awkward to wear on the hand when applying pressure to the skin to cut the orange.

Evriholder – Best Ring Citrus Peeler

The Evriholder is the best ring-peeper you can buy if you need one. We were impressed by the sharpness of the pointed piece of plastic and the overall build quality of this plastic.

Ring Citrus Peeler Runner-up

These stainless steel citrus peelers failed in one way or the other.

4 Round Citrus Fruit Peelers from Chef Craft

CJESLNA Orange Peeler

Fox Run Orange Peeler- It’s cheap and nasty. This is not the best way to peel oranges. The plastic is thin and has sharp, scratchy seams.

Chef Craft Orange Peelers- Although it looks similar to the Fox Run, the Chef Craft can at least peel an orange. They come in a set of four and are a great way to entertain your children while encouraging healthy eating habits. They won’t last forever, but they are fun to use.

Generic orange skin remover We found this peeler under many generic brands. Surprisingly, holding the peeler with two rings was more difficult than one.

Stainless Steel Citrus Peelers

These could technically be called barware. Stainless steel citrus peelers can be used to cut fun shapes from both the orange’s peel and the flesh. You can make long ribbons and twists of orange skin with the included channel knife.

This peeler is great for cocktails but it is not suitable for regular orange peeling. You will need to peel the orange using the side of this peeler. This is a bit more difficult than the other top picks.

These tools are often used as orange peelers by many people so we decided to compare them with our top picks.

Westmark – Best Stainless steel Citrus Peeler

The Westmark citrus peeler was a savior over the rest. The German craftsmanship was evident in the stainless steel head. The channel knife’s blade has been sharpened, and the serrated teeth have been finely honed.

We liked the way Westmark had sharpened one edge of their knife. This made it more suitable for leveraging orange peel and separating it from the flesh.

Stainless Steel Citrus Peeler Runner-up

These stainless steel citrus peelers failed in one way or the other.

Comparison Chart

Mercer Culinary orange peeler – Although it looks similar to the Westmark, the Mercer Culinary has a lower quality. The channel knife’s blunt edge, smaller serrated teeth and slippery handle are all faults of the Mercer Culinary. This is an excellent example of how Chinese metalwork can’t match that of Germany. We recommend that you steer clear of this product as it is more costly than the Superior Westmark orange Peeler.

Paderno World Cooking Orange Peeler – Our least favorite of all the stainless steel citrus peelers. Although it is well-built and heavy, the design is not ergonomic. Our testers found the all-stainless stainless steel handle slippery, which made it difficult to keep a firm grip. This blade can be described more as a grapefruit knife rather than a dedicated citrus peeler. It requires a sawing motion in order to remove the skin.

Rosle Grapefruit/Orange Knife This is a two-in-one device that fails to succeed in either. The Rosle Orange knife was not designed or engineered in Germany. It is made in China. This product was also disappointing when reviewed and tested grapefruit knives.

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