Why You Need To Start Using Crystal Sex Toys?

The most common sex toys that come to mind when you think about sex toys is silicone. It may be in a pastel color, but it could also have a variety of buttons and buzzers. The Rabbit is a discreet bullet vibrator. Your friend swears by the We-Vibe.

You probably wouldn’t think of any product made from hard, unforgiving materials. They come in strange and sometimes bizarre colors, and look a lot like something you might find at the house of your aunt, who just returned from a Nepalese vacation.

Crystal sex toys, such as moonstones and rose quartzes, onyxes, jades, jades, and jades, are in vogue right now. We are witnessing a new wave in spiritual sex toys that can be used to cleanse, heal, and take your daily orgasm to the next stage.

The celebrity list includes Gwyneth paltrow (which delay spray you should choose). Crystal sex toys are rapidly gaining popularity due to their many benefits, which include a deeper emotional connection, more intense orgasms, and cleaner, non-toxic pleasure.

Crystal sex expert Rosie Rees confirmed that crystal toys are becoming more popular with women.

“I’ve been selling crystal sex toys [on my website] for nearly three years, and the increase in the last twelve months has been substantial!” She told that this shows that there’s a rising tide in female sexual consciousness. It also indicates a desire for women to abandon their vibrators and tune into subtle vibrations from a crystal pleasure wad or yoni eggs.

The Nikki Darling Sex Shop has seen an increase in sales over the past six months. Their D.1 line made of Blue Pearl Larvikite or Black Norwegian Moonstone, has become one of their best-selling products.

“People are really beginning to think about their sexual health and pleasure items the way they think about their cosmetics and food, and are seeking out body-safe and environmentally-friendly options, and asking for certified organic and vegan alternatives,” a spokesperson for the store told us.

People are not only good for the environment, but they also enjoy riding the crystal wave. It’s easy to see why the added benefits of spiritual connection are the main selling point. While a regular sexy toy may promise an intense orgasm and a 1-year warranty, crystal sex toys vibrate on a different plane. Although they are not vibrating literally, theyare made of stone. Crystal sex toys are chemical-free and eco-friendly as nature intended. Many people who have converted to this method report mental and physical healing, longer orgasms, and even fixed relationships.

Rosie explains that working with a crystal pleasure wand–straight out of Mother Earth–awakens an inherent primal energy from within. It amplifies emotions, feelings, and sexual energy while also helping to eliminate any negative energy.

Crystal pleasure wands can be used to reduce masturbation, increase awareness of the area, and stimulate more sensations internally, particularly the cervix, and G-spot. She explains that crystal is a living element, and can subtly bring new energy to the area. It helps to clear sexual blockages energetically (and physical), especially when used with focused intention.”

It’s not to suggest that crystal alternatives to bedside drawers don’t have their problems. Or at least, they require more work. Pleasure wands require more upkeep than silicone sex toys that can be thrown in the dishwasher.

Rosie suggests leaving your egg or wand out for a night under a full moon or in the sun, and then cleansing it in the ocean. Finally, smudging with an sage stick is a good idea to keep the energy clean. The pleasure wands should be used with an honorable intention, not just ‘I was watching an episode of Outlander and am now desperate to get to bed’. Rosie says that crystals are most effective when charged with a heartfelt intention.

Simply close your eyes and place your crystal against your heart or in your hands. Then, feel into an authentic intention rising up for you. Her website explains how to detach yourself from this intention.

It can be a complicated process to choose the wand and yoni eggs, especially if this is your first. Picking out a crystal sex toysy is not as simple as dropping it into an online cart and clicking ‘Check Out.

Beyond the realm of “this colour matches my bedsheet”, choosing a crystal type should be an individual decision that is guided by your emotional and physical needs. Rosie lists the benefits and drawbacks of each crystal type on her website to assist in your selection.

Rose Quartz is her most popular product. Black Obsidian focuses on healing trauma and negative energies. Indian Jade is designed to alleviate “anger and nervousness”, while Shiva Lingham helps with fertility and overcoming sexual abuse.

Rosie Darling and Nikki Darling both recommend that you listen to your instincts when choosing your egg or wand, and trust your subconscious for any suggestions about colours, shapes, or crystal types.

Once your crystal ball is in motion, you can expect long-term emotional and physical effects. Crystal sex toys can be a great way to get your rock off, and they are not just for “quick-fixes clitoral orgasms” but also for “deeper vaginal sex orgasms”.

Bruno NIster

Bruno NIster