Biggest Web Design Agencies In The World

After enduring a severe COVID pandemic in 2021, the internet will be essential for most people. The marketing website is the best place to find out more about a company and the face of a brand online. You need to find the best creative agency for building your website.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find reputable web designers with so many web design companies and agencies. This list is intended to assist you in your search. Any web design company listed here should be expected to deliver top-notch service and quality. They will assist you in creating a website that will enhance your brand and deliver an engaging web experience that will convert site visitors into loyal customers.

You won’t find web design companies that claim they can do everything you need at below-market prices. Many website design firms that employ only top talent are found in major digital agency hubs like San Francisco and NYC. This means that these website design agency will not be inexpensive, but this is the right choice if you are looking for a top-quality web agency.

The September 2021 Ratings of the World’s Top 5 Web Design Agencies –

1. Clay

Clay — A Website Design Company

clay is an agency for web design that combines branding, UX, and interactive web development to create high-quality websites. They are based in San Francisco and work with startups and Fortune 100 companies to develop web and product marketing strategies. Clay is known for creating award-winning websites with a high user experience, improved conversion rates, and elegant aesthetics. Check out the showcase of Clay and read an interview on Dribbble.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Slack, Zenefits and Cisco are key clients
  • Team Size: 50+ employees
  • Budget: $$

2. Huge

Huge — A Web Design and Branding Agency

Huge is one the largest web design agencies in the world. They work with some of the most prominent brands worldwide to develop and design marketing websites, web platforms and mobile apps.

Huge’s user-centric approach to web design combines technology, creativity and data. This allows them to create digital experiences people love. They have 13 offices around the world and work with companies to create digital experiences that are loved by people.

  • Location: Brooklyn, Oakland and London. Los Angeles, Toronto, Los Angeles and other cities.
  • Google, AMC Theaters and Gucci are key clients.
  • Team Size: 1200+ employees
  • Budget: $$

3. R/GA

R/GA — A web design firm that transforms brands

was a digital transformation web design company that first emerged in the 1970s. It is well-known in the advertising industry. They are at the forefront in digital design innovation and have worked on many projects, including web apps and marketing websites. They believe in a better future for companies, and they focus on user experience in web design and development.

  • Location: New York, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland
  • Key clients: Nike, Reddit, Verizon, Shopify, Samsung
  • Team Size: 2500+ employees
  • Budget: $$

4. Active Theory

Active Theory — A Creative Agency & Website Design Company

It’s an agency for digital design and web development that creates websites, apps and installations, VR and AR experiences, primarily for the entertainment and movie industry. They are based in Los Angeles and are the best website design company for anyone looking to create an interactive or innovative web design experience that can be used in 3D or VR.

  • Location: Los Angeles, Amsterdam
  • Clients of note: Rick and Morty and Blue Shield, Google and Coachella
  • Team Size: 19 employees
  • Budget: $$

5. Heydays

Heydays – A Web Design and Digital Agency

Heydays is a Norwegian creative, branding, web agency. They assist in the launch and maintenance of new products and digital experiences by utilizing brand strategy, product design, web design and development. Heydays works primarily with European companies in the early stages of their development.

  • Oslo
  • Principal clients: Oslo City Bikes. Kolonial. Huddly. Flokk. Pebble.
  • Team Size: 14 employees
  • Budget – $$

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design in 2021 and Web Design Agencies in 2021

Web design is much more than you may think. The combination of user experience and visual design, branding, business skills and content creation will make a winning website.

This guide will help navigate the web design world and find an best web designer to design or launch your website. We will discuss the reasons why a professional website is important and also address the most common web design errors. We discuss how to evaluate web design companies, including their cost, deliverables and process.

Why do businesses in 2021 need good web design?

Today’s customers have high expectations of a website. It must be informative, attractive, easy-to-use, memorable, and entertaining. Your visitors expect seamless user experiences, regardless of whether they access your site via desktop, tablet or mobile browsers.

A company’s website may be its primary brand expression and the main or sole sales channel in this age of direct-to-consumer internet startups. Modern web design focuses more on user experience than copy or graphic design.

About 50% of business owners consider web design a fundamental part of their business. Infographic by 99designs
A website that is well-designed and professional will leave a positive impression on your business. It’s also a money-maker, providing unbeatable customer satisfaction, and creating loyal customers. You should only work with the best website design and digital marketing agency.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition to eCommerce has been speeded up by approximately 5 years . Many brands had to accelerate their digital and web transformation efforts. Businesses with strong e-commerce websites survived and even thrived, while those without implemented the change quickly. This was a big boost for web design agencies, who saw huge demand from new clients looking to quickly build great websites.

Why are web designers and businesses so interdependent?

This should be obvious, but today’s online world is essential for any business, no matter how big or small. People are turning to the internet for information about products and services they need. The internet is the best place to go if you need a plumber, a hamburger, or a book.

Your business’s first contact with potential customers will be on the internet. Your website is where potential customers learn about your business.

Many businesses have an online component, even if they have a physical location. Papalote, a famous SF restaurant, sells its homemade salsas all over the country and delivers their delicious burritos only locally.

Papalote Salsa Website

Websites are essential for businesses. It is important to make them efficient when they are created. A website that is effective leaves a positive impression on the user about your business. A positive user experience is a better indicator of a potential customer. A positive user experience is a key factor in converting customers. Professional web design by an experienced digital agency.

An experienced web design agency can help you turn your online presence into an asset for your company. A website’s design is not only about its brand colors and layout, but also about the usability and experience that the user has on your site.

Website design is crucial for both new and established businesses. The need for high-quality website design will not go away as long as the internet remains a major means of information exchange and communication. Web design is not a luxury, but an essential part of investing in businesses. This makes web design agencies and businesses mutually dependent to succeed in today’s internet-driven economy.

What makes web designers good?

Let’s be clear: web design isn’t one practice. It’s a broad term that encompasses many types of design. This is crucial because every aspect of web design requires that the digital agency responsible for it have a specific set of skills and experience in design. When thinking about what makes web designers good, there are three main elements: specialization, experience, style.

One of the best web designers is someone who has many skills.

A web designer’s specialization is the type of design they do. A web designer who excels in website design will have a particular area of expertise. A specialist UX designer, for example, will be able to use a skill set that a general UI/UX designer may not have. Sometimes, designers who claim to be able to do a lot of things well can make it seem like they are not good at doing the most important things. It is better to work with web designers and web design companies that are skilled in digital marketing and specialized design.

An important indicator of a full-service digital agency or web designer is their experience. Designers are judged by the number of completed projects and clients they have worked with. A designer’s portfolio should be an indicator of their ability to deliver on what they promise.

Portfolio sites are a great way to showcase work, blog posts, and other design experiments. Claudio Guglieri, a San Francisco-based designer, is a great example.

Although the style is subjective, it can tell a lot about a web developer. Each designer has their own style. A minimalist style may be liked or rejected by someone who likes it. When evaluating the quality of a web developer, it is important to think about what style you prefer or dislike and why.

How to find the best web design company

It can be difficult to find a web design company that is right for you. You will spend hours searching online for web designers and agencies before you make your decision. Web design is the most popular design niche. After you have narrowed down your list of potential agencies to work with, the next step is to do the following:

  • You can get to know the company through its website and social media. Visit their website to see if it appeals to you. What do they say about themselves? Do they communicate clearly or are there a lot of jargon? What are their clients and what did they do? When was the last time their website was updated? There are many other intangible items like this. Their website is an expression of who they are as well as the results they provide. You shouldn’t expect top-quality work from a website designer or digital agency that has a slow site and is difficult to use. You should also check their social media profiles. They should have a lot of followers on Twitter and regularly post to show that they are active and have a good reputation with their peers. For a glimpse into their lives, you can check out their Instagram feed. It’s all about the people and emotional connection.
  • Check out their portfolio of web design. After reviewing the agency’s website in detail, you should look into their web design portfolio. You can see their work for other clients if you are considering hiring them to do a job in web design. A website design company will often post a case study detailing the project. But you need to look beyond that. You can see the live website.
  • Does it look good, is it mobile-optimized and user-friendly, and does it perform well? The site’s functionality is what you are paying for, not the beautiful images.
  • Define your budget. It is important to set aside a budget in order to find the best web agency for your money. You can find smaller, boutique companies that offer high quality work at an affordable price if you have a limited budget. Do not be cheap. Many web designers are poor salespeople and will accept your terms. This could lead to a lack of interest in your project. They will treat you like their most valued client if you pay them well.
  • Hire a local web design firm or a freelance website designer. To reduce costs, speak with local web design firms before you look at outsourcing. Even if they charge a premium, most local agencies in the United States are a better fit for your culture than offshore firms. You’ll also be able meet regularly with them to discuss web design and resolve any issues that might arise from remote collaboration.
  • Ask for references and check out their reviews online. No matter how professional your website design company appears on the outside or how impressive its work, you must always do your research. Check their online reviews on sites such as Google Maps and professional review sites such Clutch. You should speak to 2-3 clients who have had positive experiences with the agency before you hire them. Ask the representative of the agency if they are able to provide you with references. This is a common practice in web design.

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Bruno NIster